William Dzangare

  • Gweru, Zimbabwe
  • 7 November 2023

William is well skilled in Plant tissue culture, Molecular techniques, preparation of solutions and assisting students in practical sessions. He is also skilled in Process Optimization, preparing and manipulating stock cultures of bacteria, Fermentation Technology, Bioremediation and Stoichiometric calculations.
Subject is a focussed individual who is hardworking, goal oriented, quick to adapt to any situation and always on the move to achieve the best. Well-disciplined with proven ability to manage experiments and projects efficiently under pressure without supervision while meeting tight deadlines. He is a responsible and adaptive team player who is ruled by principles. He is driven by determination, self-drive, willingness to learn, interest in work and surroundings, leadership skills, entrepreneurial drive and attention to detail William is well knowledgeable with ISO 45001 and 22000.
I have a Master’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology. I have over 8 years’ experience in a Research and Development environment with experience in a variety of industries, including Innovation, Technology, and Manufacturing. I have recently acquired a Post Graduate Diploma Degree in Safety Health and Environmental Management. My experience has taught me how to work effectively with people from all different backgrounds and skill levels. I have learned how to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical people. I have also learned how to manage projects and teams effectively. These skills are essential for success in your position. In addition to my work experience and relationship-building experience, I have a solid educational foundation and a passion for furthering projects that build loyalty and in turn, grow revenue for your organization. I would much appreciate the opportunity to contribute to your on-going growth and continued success. For additional details regarding my expertise and achievements do not hesitate to reach out. I would love to meet with you and discuss this position in detail

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Post Graduate Diploma in safety and environmental Management @ Midlands state University
Feb 2022 — Jun 2023
Masters Degree in Food Science and nutrition @ Midlands state University
Feb 2019 — Dec 2021
Post Graduate Diploma In Tertiary Education @ Midlands state University
Jan 2018 — Dec 2018
Biotechnology @ Chinhoyi University of technology
Aug 2009 — May 2013


Innovation Lead (Sciences) @ Midlands state University
Jun 2023 — Current

Duties and Responsibilities
 Responsible for innovation outputs, incubation and commercialization in the areas of science and technology.
 Promoting an innovative and entrepreneurship culture leading to disruptive centered innovation at MSU;
 Providing technical advice and mentorship during research and product development culminating in product testing and commercialization.
 Engaging directly and proactively with academic departments, industry and community to identify MSU’s intellectual property (IP) with potential for commercial exploitation.
 Identifying appropriate routes to exploit MSU IPs in Science and Technology.
 Identifying potential industry partners for specific technology commercialization and transfer
 Turn concepts into revenue-generating products.
 Draft and negotiate physical sciences/science and technology related licenses, collaboration agreements, inter-institutional agreements, and other contracts related to the commercial development of IP with both commercial partners and collaborating institutions.
 Carry out any other duties as assigned by the Innovation Manager.

Senior laboratory Technician @ Midlands state University
Oct 2015 — May 2023

a. key tasks involved
· Guiding students in preliminary calculations of distribution volumes, molar and related units and introducing them to clinical expressions.
· Lead in key technical areas, including Design, Monitoring & Evaluation
· Procuring laboratory equipment and consumables as per request.
· Maintaining laboratory in orderly manner and observing biosafety for students and lecturers.
· Record keeping of laboratory equipment, assets and firmware.
· Operation and calibration of high performance medical Laboratory equipment for example Spectrophotometer, Centrifuge Haematocrit, PCR etc.
· Ensure streamlined and adherence to standards in the area of work and educating subordinates.
Ensuring programme compliance to Humanitarian Accountability standards
Ensuring safety in the laboratory at all times.
· Cardiovascular physiology practicals where an ECG test from iWORX is run and the various waves produced are monitored and explained.
· Preparing a conclusive comparative schedule prior to procuring Laboratory equipment and consumables.

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